pictures with soul

Václav Houdek
deals with painting, experimental painting, assemblage, drawings ...

was born on 3 June 1953 in Czech Budweiss,
feels like a Southern-Bohemian citizen not only because of his origin but also because of his artificial style.

he has liked painting and drawing since he was young, during his adolescence he became really keen on painting and art in general,

he draws painting focus on combining two worlds, youth, old age, life and death, nature, town, ways, family, remembrance ...,

He lives in Prague, but creates his works in Southern Bohemia, he was influenced by both the city and the atmosphere of landscape in Southern Bohemia full of lakes, fog, somber moors, they inspire his paintings.

In his works there repeats the topic of a city and country, he tries to build the scene as a "self- reliant organism", the capture of a part of reality is not enough for him, he heads towards simplicity, synthesis, capturing the point in time, spirituality, he respect the reality only if it corresponds with his aim, personal feeling, idea and imagination, that he wants to reflect into the painting. Also lots of his inner experiences from his childhood is hidden in his painting.

He likes painting as a way to show his personal feeling, not always in the simple way, he conflicts with his pictures, his feelings are independent with no plagiarizing, he tries to find the topic for pictures and the style himself,

his paintings are represented in not only in Czech Republic but also in Germany, Italy and Canada,

The painting affects on a person enthusiastic in art like a moment for speculation, impress him with their deepness,

the paintings of Václav Houdek waits for you, you have now the possibility to get some of them for your own "home gallery".